We believe that research is but a means to an end which is to accomplish specific and well-stated objectives.  In other words, it is about finding solutions to the questions, issues, opportunities, and challenges clients face daily in this this continually changing business landscape. As a client, your need may be to understand a market, a customer, an industry or a region, our unique blend of services, tools, and expertise will address your challenges efficiently and effectively and deliver tailor made solutions. In addition to data collected through primary research, we distil large volumes of disparate, publicly available material to generate relevant insights specific to your objectives. Our sources include mainstream databases and resources, subscription databases as well as industry-specific resources.

We amalgamate best of our knowledge and skills to provide the entire gamut of services across the business research. We broadly categorize these services as -

Opportunity Identification

  • We can help you take a holistic view of the market from a buyer’s standpoint. We conduct a strategic assessment of the current competitive landscape and offer you insights about the strengths to build on, challenges to address and opportunities to extend and grow using -


  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer profile
  • Market definition and sizing
  • Market segmentation
  • Regulatory Environment Analysis
  • Product positioning

Product and Offering optimization –

We help you identify the right mix of price, features, benefits to be able to take share from the competitors and increase your brand’s market penetration. We optimize your product or service offering through –

  • Concept and product testing
  • Package evaluation
  • Price sensitivity and strategy
  • Performance forecasting
  • Portfolio optimization

Evaluation –

We employ custom quantitative and qualitative approaches to uncover trends and insights in the areas of brand positioning and Know-your-customer approaches. These help our clients make sense of their customers’ perceptions and behavior patterns which illuminate their trigger points and drivers. The methods used include –

  • Attitude and usage research
  • Brand loyalty and switching
  • Brand/advertising awareness tracking
  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Market share/segmentation
  • Mystery shopping
  • Brand Imagery Studies
  • Website/User Interface Evaluation
  • Website Community Building Ideation