Global Expertise

Introduction :-

▪ We have a strong regional presence covering 80+ countries through our network being supported by our in-house panel as well.

▪ Being in research space for nearly a decade has accumulated rich experience in handling the international studies and have handled more than 5000+ surveys with a considerable size of satisfied clients.

▪ Our full research services covers B2C, B2C, Industrial research, loyalty solutions, consulting, syndicated reports, health care & pharma etc. to offer to our overseas clients.

▪ Our technology enabled systems covers online, CATI, mobile surveys suited for both quantitative as well as qualitative studies as per the clients requirements.

▪ Our online panel covers panelist automotive, HNIs, Consumer durables, FMCG, E-Commerce, IT, Doctors/Physicians, ‘C’ suite employees thus covering most of the key domains.

▪ We have the right team in meeting the clients MR requirements supported with the customized processes and with the precise usage of technology

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Our Champions :-

▪ Our team very well understands the market landscape keeping in mind the international market (Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa) operates and the associated factors since the market structure is considered to be dynamic and thus demands a thorough understanding.

▪ Our team comprising of market research experts focuses purely on the business issues faced by the clients located across regions and advocates the best suited solutions to make them successful into the business world with solid strategies.

▪ Our erudite researchers handling full service research requirements have solid understanding of the international market which has resulted in having a strong relationship with the overseas clients.

Focus on processes and Quality :-

▪ Top priority is given on vital aspects related to projects which comprises of processes and quality measures at every stage of the project cycle to ensure that the MMRS team wins the hearts of the global clients

Quick Communication :-

▪ Round the clock our team is committed in servicing the regional clients raising the levels of satisfaction time and on.

Single Point Contact for Multi-Country Studies :-

▪ Our regional clients are assured with our functionality keeping in mind research expertise extended across the regions with minimal intervention of the client team.

Quick Updates :-

▪ Our web-enabled expertise helps the clients to procure the reports in quick time with substantial quality.

Massive Expansion :-

▪ Time and on MMRS has placed its footprint not only to the B2C , B2B segment but in the healthcare segment as well to showcase our expertise.

Prudent Solutions :-

▪We offer best suited methodology which results in quick and rich sights with accuracy supported with innovative ideas.

Advancement in Mobile Surveys :-

▪ Our team has been efficiently handling Mobile surveys primarily for B2C with lot of appreciation from our existing clients located across region.

Covering Niche Panel :-

▪ We’re able to reach niche panelists across any demographic from over 100+ countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Advocacy :-

▪ Many a times clients advocates the MMRS team which is a massive achievement for us in the research discipline.