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Market-Mirror Research Solutions operational  in the market research space more than decade in 2009 delivering incalculable success to our client

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  • We have successfully been catering clients from the Auto sector by handling their core studies in the product clinic space supported with varied studies such as Concept Test, Acceptor Rejecter Study, CSAT, Vehicle Purchase Journey, Pricing, Dealership Engagement (Mystery Shopping/Audit) and many more.
  • We are equipped with experienced team who resonate perfectly with the requirements with the Auto space. Our Auto clients have benefited incalculably associating with us for their strategic roadmaps.
  • Be it Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Tractors etc. our team is geared in handling complex studies with in-depth analysis of the category supported with exceptional strength.
  • Our team has the capacity in handling studies on Auto Ancillaries (Tyres, OEMs etc.) delivering high value inputs strategically keeping in mind the burgeoning market.


▪ We are equipped with various techniques that suits the best for BFSI segment catering solid info about the consumers supported with the execution of various studies such as CSAT/NPS, Ad Efficacy Study, Pricing , Campaign Evaluation PRE and POST Evaluation, Service Quality, Customers Journey, Concept Testing, Product Testing, Mystery Shopping (Branch, Call centers etc.).
▪ Our support in the MR space has helped lot of our clients in taking acute business decisions thus leveraging the customers in an apposite manner.
▪ Time and on we help the clients in creative’s testing which support the clients in taking timely decisions associated with various products and services.

Media Sector

  • ▪ Right since inception of our company we have been handling numerous studies in the media space.
    ▪ Lot of studies on the Channel Awareness, Program/Campaign Awareness, DTH, OTT Experience Pointers, PRE and POST evaluation, Content etc. have been handled by our team with appealing spirit resulting in higher engagement with our clients.
    ▪ Our team is well connected and is always accessible to the clients since this domain demands quick movement when it comes to execution of studies with immediate numbers required by the clients to take swift decisions internally.
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  • Unprecedented growth has been witnessed in the E-commerce sector wherein our market research team has emerged as the paramount support to resolve the challenges equipped with our owned online panel faced by the clients.
  • We serve our clients with the best suited online methodologies demonstrated for different studies involving CSAT/NPS, Ad Efficacy Studies, Pricing , Campaign Evaluation PRE and POST, Service Quality, Customers Journey, Concept Testing etc.
  • Our tried and tested tools has immensely helped the clients to grow in this competitive world with fruitful outcomes.
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  • ▪ We have successfully executed huge studies in this segment with a fairly outstanding knowledge and thus helping our clients to grow.
    ▪ Our offering covers studies in the line of Awareness Studies, Segmentation, Brand Track, Concept Testing, Pricing, Usage and Attitudes Studies, CSAT/ NPS, Customer Purchase Journey, Shopper Experience Surveys, Mystery Shopping/Audit, Product Test, Packaging Test etc.
    ▪ Our team is capable enough in handling massive and extensive studies time and on catering to the clients embedded with powerful insights for taking strategic decisions into the business world.

Health Care

▪ Although this domain is considered to be a complex one we have successfully ruled the heart of our clients providing them with our specialized services. Generally the TG is Doctors/Nurses/Health related individuals and meeting such personalities requires a lot of expertise, laid with taking appointments and execution of surveys be it product testing, concept testing, feedback on the products and services etc.
▪ Our team has a rich understanding about this sector and has a competitive edge in submission of reports with rich insights.

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  • We have been catering numerous clients in the retail space wherein our clients has appreciated our work and have engaged with us for a longer period till now.
  • Our operations is well versed with the execution of retail interviews supported with erudite researchers to showcase with rich insights.
  • Different type of studies are conducted at the retail outlets to understand Buying behavior, NPS etc. to arrive at the health of the retail stores.
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  • Likewise for other sectors our team’s involvement in the Social Studies segment is incredible which requires a huge strength in execution of surveys spread across geographies and mostly covering the rural markets. Our team has showcased tremendous energies in handling gamut of studies applicable in the SS space.
  • Our social studies covers majorly topics on Sexual & Reproductive health, Women’s Empowerment, HIV/AIDS, Livelihoods, Financial Inclusion, Rural development and Social Marketing and we have the apposite capacity to run the show.
  • Our studies not only extends to smaller surveys but with a wide informative surveys covering Demand assessment, Baseline Surveys, Program Monitoring, PRE and POST campaign evaluations, Mapping exercise, Behavior analysis and many more.
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  • An unparalleled growth has been witnessed in the Pharma sphere wherein taking this as a opportunity our team has catered well to the clients with different research requirements such as assessing new product launch and services, Concept Testing, Expansion of new markets, Demand Estimation etc. that has underpin the market requisite
  • The various roll that are entitled in the segment refers to Medical Drugs, Devices, OTC products and are being handled by our team in perfect shape to match the clients requirements in executing the piece of research.
  • Very few research agencies has the capacity in delivering Pharma studies since this sector dramatically demands a unique skill set in handling such complex studies and we are proud to have the right resources to deliver the clients with rich inputs.

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  • At the present time the need for conducting the research is well received by the Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Centers followed with more education related institutions and the underlying principle to gauge the growing competition landscape with a need to carry out research practices suited for the institutional environment.
  • To envisage the education space, our team is well equipped in conducting research studies to experience a win-win situation for the clients with various research portfolios in the aligned stream.
  • The challenging task for education domain has been witnessed with online learning / e-learning courses with a support of technology and on this backdrop our professional team has the requisite expertise in arriving with precise solutions to be the best in this space.


  • Agriculture industry is a booming sector in India and very soon it would expand its wings to cater to the world provisions and this eventually shall provide the room to align with research practices to get a complete understanding of the market.
  • Typically the products that are researched covers Seeds, Crop Protection (Fertilizers, Pest Control), Agriculture related Machinery & Equipment, Livestock & Animal Health, Professional Gardening etc. with the aim to move towards business profitability.
  • Our team has showcased exceptional handling of agricultural studies with solid category knowledge underlying the product characteristics supported with mechanisms in understanding the purchase decisions eventually resulting in acute strategic decisions defining market position and thus accumulating revenues.

Real Estate

  • The real estate market is a huge property market embedded with lot of striking features offered to the consumers. At the same time this industry is exposed to severe struggle to attain sustainability or to retain competitive edge in the market.
  • Our experienced team very well understands the challenges faced by the real estate market and we equip clients to take solid business decisions with the help of varied studies CSAT/NPS, Ad Efficacy Study, Campaign Evaluation PRE and POST Evaluation, Service Quality, Customers Journey, Concept Testing, Mystery Shopping (Sites, Call centers etc.).
  • Our team’s local market dynamics is solid enough to cater clients research studies well suited to their requirements ultimately delivering massive inputs for business profitability.