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Market-Mirror Research Solutions operational  in the market research space more than decade in 2009 delivering incalculable success to our client

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Data Policy

Assurance as to GDPR compliance / Hold harmless clause

What We Provide

Market Mirror Quality Ecosystem


Focus on

Our focus has always remained on introducing process steps or new checks in the system.

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More time on

Our team spends more time on quality measures which comprises of collating bright ideas to bring in positive changes in the quality management space.

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Training on Quality Aspect

Our team undergoes rigorous training so that the quality aspects are looked upon at a granular levels

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Basis the challenges faced from the data collection POV brain storming session are conducted to ensure that that the challenges are wiped with adequate problem solving techniques and thus maintaining high quality aspects.

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Quality checks carried out at
Every Stage

Our team conducts adequate quality checks to ensure that we make our submission integrated with high standards

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Quick Feedback

Our team maintains high quality communication to ensure that the feedback submitted by the team is quickly looked upon followed with execution of timely actions

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Assurance as to GDPR compliance / Hold harmless clause

Market Mirror Research Solutions

  • It is hereby confirmed that Market Mirror Research Solutions does comply with all relevant regulations of GDPR starting from May, 25th 2018 on.
  • From a small firm we have extended our full research services wing catering clients completely with integrity followed with highly maintained quality levels to set the requisite expectations. We firmly commit ourselves to offering scalable, precise solutions tailored to the business needs.
  • This applies especially to the ability to
  • (i) cope with Data subjects rights and requests such as rights for information, data deletion, data correction and data portability,
  • (ii) information obligations towards data subject
  • (iii) adequate documentation of processes and how they are evaluated under GDPR as well as
  • (iv) inform Clients about any security incidents in a timely manner but not later than 24hours after which [Market Mirror Research Solutions] has become aware of the incident.

Client/Respondent Data Gathering/ Removal/ Email Marketing

  • Client/Respondent have the "right of data portability", the "right of data access" along with the "right to be forgotten" and can withdraw their consent whenever they want. In such case the Market Mirror Research Solutions must delete the individual’s personal data if it's no longer necessary to the purpose for which it was collected.
  • All consents must be logged as proof and all tracking of personal data, also by embedded third party services, must be documented, hereunder to which countries data is transmitted.
  • Regarding Email Marketing, Client or Respondent have the right to ask you to delete all the personal data you have about them, and Market Mirror Research Solutions have to honor their request within about a month.
  • Please connect with our DPO regarding any point of time for further query & assistance.
  • Regards NEERAJ SHRAMA (Digital Signature) Date

GDPR Rules

Market Mirror Research Solutions is aware that any breach against GDPR rules can trigger significant fines from authorities. Supplier shall indemnify Clients from such fines that have been awarded due to breaches against GDPR rules caused by suppliers` none-compliance with the aforementioned GDPR rules.


Market Mirror Research Solutions agrees to reimburse and hold harmless Client of any financial disadvantages resulting from claims made by third parties against Client but are caused by suppliers` none-compliance with the aforementioned GDPR rules.

Corresponding Clause

Market Mirror Research Solutions will compensate Client for all damages caused to Client by suppliers` none-compliance with the aforementioned GDPR rules within the contractually agreed liability caps, in cases where a corresponding clause is contractually agreed.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Market Mirror Research Solutions Data Protection Officer (DPO) should be an expert on data protection whose job is to monitor GDPR compliance, assess data protection risks, advise on data protection impact assessments, and cooperate with regulators.