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Market-Mirror Research Solutions operational  in the market research space more than decade in 2009 delivering incalculable success to our client

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Market Mirror UX /CX Research

Market Mirror UX /CX recruitment experts use their expertise to recruit users in relevant products. Services and sketch the perfect tangent between “For why”, “For Who & “For what “which meets the client Requirements exactly as per the expectations.

Market Mirror Recruitment Strategies makes successful products for clients that straighten up to prepare the future of client’s products.

Cherry Picking Participants

Being a high quality of data delivery company, Market Mirror believes that every single respondent can give their insights to make a brand on top that’s why respondents are most important aspects for any kind UX research studies.
Market Mirror has established the set protocol to the clients for cherry-picking of the most suitable participants for the client research team in terms of better insights & confidence while selecting them for our research needs.

Faster Participants Recruitment Process

Market Mirror team has the capabilities to recruit the participants within hours not in number of days. Being one of the leading companies in recruitment process for multiple clients our team does fastest recruitments through the F2F methodology as well telephonic too through our database & free find basis.
Market Mirror team understands the nuances of client products and critical nature of the research requirements and basis to that team enlists the participants for users’ group. Our team ensures about the methodology and metrics to maintain the perfect example of articulation in participant’s profiling.

Methodologies We Cover For Recruitments

• Lab Interviews (UX/CX Research)
• Usability Testing
• Focus Groups
• Diary Studies
• Behavioural Research/Contextual Research
• Concept Testing
• Ethnographies

Add On Services (Strategic)

You can find a complete solution about growth. Market Mirror team delivers insightful services through Solutions that implement a sustainable growth strategy.
Its been15 years in the business of market research which has well versed us with adequate amount of experience across different sectors and consumer profits. This allows us to tailor bespoke methodologies and Techniques for your user research projects, ensuring that you get the answer to all your questions, Whether you want to get an idea, strategy, or Insights, Market mirror is with you every step of the way. We excel in core services of market research to shape it strategic economic and beyond expectations.

Call arrangement with participants before conducting the sessions

Market Mirror team builds the transparent verticals between the clients & participants to arrange a call for 5-10 minutes before the actual sessions so that both can get the confidence & open for articulation level during the formal course of the session. During this process our team also do the double check for the screener questions along with KYC verifications of the participants if any.
Team Market Mirror sets a perfect framework for planning the appropriate methodology & System Approach.